Our Mission


Our mission is to provide high quality, personalized care to clients with our knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine. We support clients from different cultural backgrounds with respect for the differences in their views, values and attitudes. We believe each individual needs a different method of therapy and we let the individuals lead the way. We do this by mapping out the physical and psychological symptoms and together with the client, we find out what situation he/she has ended up in, where exactly the bottlenecks are and choose a way to tackle these bottlenecks. We strive to work in a transparent and goal-oriented way. We professionally motivate people to achieve their goals and become independent.


Our Vision


Guidance is focused on independence, self-responsibility and self-reliance. We want to help people to have a higher quality of life.

Our ambition is to contribute to solving societal challenges and to provide people with the right person-centered care. In the coming years, we want to offer at least the following high-quality services:

  • provide a safe interpersonal relationship.
  • providing quality treatment.
  • mutual respect.
  • commitment to working together to help all clients achieve their goals.
  • professional and ethical standards.

Core Values

These core values form our identity:
Compassion, Respect, Evidence-Based Treatments, Commitment, Confidentiality and Privacy, Integrity, Professional, Caring, Client-Centered, Socially Responsible, Together, Connecting and Engaged.


Quality Statute

LifEm has an approved quality charter according to the applicable standard (downloadable for viewing). The quality statute provides information on how a treatment program is structured, what care is provided, the phases from registration to completion and how the diagnostics and treatment look like.


Professional Statute

LifEm has an approved professional statute according to the applicable standard (downloadable for viewing). This document provides information about our principles, the legal framework and responsibilities and relationships between parties, among other things.


Recognized Training Company


LifEm is recognized by the Cooperation Organization for Vocational Education in the Business Community (SBB) as a learning company in accordance with Article 7.2.10, paragraph 1 of the Education and Vocational Training Act. This recognition means that the organization is authorized to provide internships and apprenticeships.

    Affiliated Professional Associations and Complaints Committee


    LifEm is affiliated with Zhong and KAB (registration number 2019027). More information can be found on the website of Zhong and on the website of KAB. Zhong is the Dutch association for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCG). The professional association Zhong has the objective to promote and monitor the quality requirements for its therapists. The KAB was also founded by a number of professional associations from the complementary field as a complaints committee (Klachtencommissie Alternatieve Behandelwijzen). The KAB is good quality assurance a distinctive intermediary that takes a strong negotiating position towards stakeholders, including health care, health insurers and government, to promote the interests of member associations. In addition, the KAB guarantees the right of complaint for clients.

      General Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy


      The general conditions and privacy policy of Lifem Practice are based on the professional code, protocols and guidelines of the affiliated (professional) associations, the Consumers' Association, Patient Federation of the Netherlands and National Platform GGZ. The general conditions and privacy policy apply to clients who are receiving treatment in LifEm. In these documents (download below) is among other things extensively described what our method is and how Lifem handles your privacy, including your personal data. In addition, Practice LifEm adheres to the reporting code of the LVVP. This document can also be downloaded below.




      For a brief summary of general information of LifEm, please see the brochure. The brochure is available for download below for your viewing.